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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Consequences Of The Alabama Immigration Bill ::

During the spring, summer, and fall I buy vegetables at a small store run by a local vegetable grower, Steve, and his wife, Lisa. I generally pick up a few pounds of tomatoes each week as well as a bushel of okra and a bushel of butter beans later in the summer to put in the freezer. Steve and Lisa also sell my neighbor Hal's locally produced honey. I drove by their store this morning and noticed that there was a "For Lease" sign beside the road and I immediately thought that they, more than likely, have lost their pool of labor they used to pick the vegetables and will effectively be out of the growing business, at least for a while.

I know that Steve also ran a landscape business so the farm was not his primary source of income, but I'm terribly disappointed that I will not be able to buy fresh produce from growers that I have known for several years and with whom I have developed a very nice personal relationship!

I hope that it's not too late to reverse the travesty that this immigration bill has been from it's very inception, but I see nothing more than an uphill battle, at least for the near future!

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Alessandro Machi said...

I would suggest that since americans have lost 40% of their wealth in the past few years, the ratio of credit card debt, student loan debt, and loss of home equity is now a much bigger than it ever was.

The solution is simple, scary simple. Offer americans a chance to pay down their credit card debt by lowering interest rate charges on those who actually pay down their debt. This would free up money so local commerce could sustain and grown.